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How can it be that a cheetah knows exactly how to nourish itself to be the fastest living mammal on the planet? Or what about the gorilla who can lift 10x its own body weight.  These animals don't count macros or calories. They don't spend time studying nutrition. They allow their biology to guide them to what's right for them. Our biology is doing the same thing - guiding us to what is naturally best for our health so that we too can function optimally, Our bodies are always communicating with us and guiding us, but we've been trained out of receiving this guidance. 

In this free training you'll learn a simple method to communicate with your body.

Why is this important? Because our body is our Soul's home. So of course, it's important to take good care of it, to honor it, and to understand our body when it communicates with us. 

Our body is also powered by our Soul. This means that when our body communicates with us, we can trust that our Soul is communicating with us. The body is an instrument for receiving guidance on our food choices and so much more 🤍 

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