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  • Kacie

What Are Angel Messages?

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

We all have angels and guides that are supporting us through this life experience. We all have at least one guardian angel who is always with us from birth until we leave the Earth plane, and others who may join us during certain phases of life, such as during childhood, or throughout our career. What's true for each and every one of us is that we have loving support and guidance available to us at all times.

The angel messages you see in this blog are some of the messages I've received for people through the one on one sessions I provide. When I work with people, I tune into any messages their angels and guides would like me to share with them. What I'm finding is that the angels and guides always provide loving insight and advice for whatever life lesson that person is experiencing at that time.

I recently took some time to read through the different messages I've received for others. When I read them I feel uplifted and full of love. It is wonderful to know we all have these wise and loving beings with us throughout our lives. They are always here for us, sending us their love. While the messages I receive are always specific to the person I'm working with, they are also good advice in general. In following blog posts I will be sharing some of these messages with the intention that others, like yourself, have the opportunity to read them and also feel uplifted. And since many of us go through similar life lessons, perhaps one of the messages will have something in it for you too :)

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