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  • Kacie

Be Here Now

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Advice from Heaven đŸ€

We are pleased to be with you here today. Don't rush this time. Don't rush through life. There's so much to enjoy. You'll see if you look around you. See the flowers in bloom. Those are gits from Mother Nature to you. Enjoy them. Stop and notice their colors. Notice their scents. Stop to appreciate all those in your life. All the relationships. It's easy to rush through and be so busy with chores and the day-to-day, but this is what you came to experience. The sensations, the sounds, the love, the hugs. Things will not always be as they are today. Stop to enjoy this time too. Each now moment is just as important, just as sweet as the next. Feel each one as it passes by. Feel it and you will experience life beyond time. Life in the now.

Take care sweet one.

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