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Berry Crumble Bars

Another recipe to satisfy dessert cravings 😋

These bars are healthy, delicious, and easy to make ✅ They've been my go-to dessert recipe for a while now ☺️

Wild Blueberries are considered a superfood with 2x the antioxidants of regular blueberries. They're proven to promote overall health including brain, heart, and skin health.



-2 ¼ cups berries of your choice (I used 1 cup fresh raspberries and 1 ¼ cups frozen wild


-¼ cup pure maple syrup

-1 tbsp arrowroot starch

-juice from ½ a lemon

-1 tsp vanilla extract


-1 cup almond flour

-1 cup gluten-free rolled oats

-1 cup gluten-free oat flour

-1/2 cup coconut sugar

-2 tbsp pure maple syrup

-1/3 cup melted coconut oil


-To make the filling, place a small pot over medium-high heat. Add berries, maple syrup, lemon

juice, arrowroot, and vanilla extract.

-Stir until evenly mixed and thick, about 2-3 minutes.

-Remove from heat and set aside.

-Preheat oven to 350ºF/180°C.

-Line an 8x8 inch pan with parchment paper.

-To make the crust, add the almond flour, oat flour, oats, and coconut sugar, to a large bowl and

stir together.

-Pour in the melted coconut oil and maple syrup and stir until evenly mixed.

-Place 2 cups of the mixture into the prepared pan with parchment paper.

-Press evenly into the pan using your fingers.

-Pour the berry filling on top and spread out evenly.

-Sprinkle the rest of the crust mixture over the filling.

-Bake for 30 minutes, until the top is golden.

-Remove from oven and cool completely before slicing into bars.

-Enjoy 😊

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