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  • Kacie

Judging Others

Let your ego, let your judgment fall out of the way.

God is all that is.

All things are God.

All people are God, every single one.

Judgment serves no one. It’s based on a false perception.

Those who are the darkest, that seem to be the most evil people... In ways, they’ve taken on the hardest role.

It is not easy to be away from the light. It’s not easy to be separate from God.

Like a drug addict, those momentary hits of power, of control, they may feel great temporarily, but soon enough that feeling fades back into emptiness and they must go after the next hit again.

It is those who have learned to turn to love that feel true fulfillment directly from Source. So allow yourself to experience this. You are ready to turn to love. Let those who have taken a different path go their own way. Judge them not.

They are also source energy. We do not know what soul-level agreements they’ve made, or what role they have come to play out.

Without those who play on the dark side, we would have nothing to wake up from. Your soul came here to have this waking up adventure, this empowering adventure.

If there was no matrix in place, no disempowering programs in place, you wouldn’t get to have this fun adventure. So be grateful to All those who exist.

They all play the role they were meant to play. Trust that everything is going as it should. Continue to wake up to your own power. Continue to cultivate your world.

Each time you judge another you move into an egoic state. You move into your ego, and in your ego you are separate from God. It’s from the ego’s perspective that we forget that we are one with all.

Let your ego fall aside, and trust. Fill up with love and trust from Infinite Creator.

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