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Support from your Angels and Guides

Image by Jay Castor

Angel Reading & Healing

Are you going through a challenge? Could you use some support from your Angels?

Our Angels are always available to give us loving advice on our journey. From their vantage point, they can easily see what life is giving us the opportunity to learn through the challenges we face. Receiving guidance from our Angels can help us more gracefully understand our life's lessons.

For this session I connect with your Angels and Guides and may also use tarot to provide insight and guidance for any challenge you may be facing. 

Then based on the information received in the reading, I'll perform a guided healing to cleanse and align your energy to help you move through this challenge and experience more happiness and flow with life. 

1-hour session conducted online via Zoom.

Exchange: $155

Intuitive Guidance via Email

Do you prefer support via email?

This is an easy and convenient way to receive insight and support from your Angels and Guides.

You will receive the same information as in a live session but as an email instead. 

You can choose to only receive guidance only or to receive guidance and a healing.

Simply provide a topic or question you would like guidance on.

Please allow up to 72 hours to receive your reading.

⋄Emailed Guidance⋄

Exchange: $75

⋄Emailed Guidance + Healing⋄

Exchange: $105

Thank you for this reading! I truly appreciate the information you brought through; it's definitely going to help me move forward. The reading gave me a lot to work with—perspective, validation, guidance, encouragement, and jumping-off points that inspired my own ideas for how to put some of that into practice in my life.


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